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Digital Signature by nCode Solutions

Digital Signature Gallery offers class 2 individual as well as class 3 individual/organization digital signature certificates by Ncode.

(n)Code Solutions is a division of GNFC (Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Company Ltd.) which is a joint sector enterprise promoted by the Government of Gujarat and the Gujarat State Fertilizer Company Ltd.(GSFC). From Jan. 2012, NCode provides the more advanced SHA-2 DSCs.
Digital Signature Gallery is a licensed provider of Ncode DSCs. We have direct access to the nCode system to directly and quickly issue DSCs.

We make it very easy and convenient to help you get your nCode DSC - usually within hours!
Please see below for the applicable DSC and download the relevant form.

nCode Class 2 Individual DSC

This DSC is used for Income Tax/Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Registrar of Company purposes. Download the form below. It contains all details on procedure, pricing and payment options.

NCode Class 2 Individual DSC Application Form

nCode Class 3 Individual / Class 3 Organisation DSC

Class 3 DSC is more secure and is used for purposes like e Tenders, Railway Agent Login, Trademark efiling and Patent efiling.
Class 3 Individual DSC is used for transacting/logging only in individual name ( as is usually the case with Railway agent login, Trademark e-filing, Patent e-filing.)
Class 3 Organisation (also known as Class 3 Enterprise) DSC is used for transacting/logging in firm/company name. Class 3 Organisation DSC contains the name of the individual as well as the firm/company ( as is usually the case with eTenders).
Check with the concerned party for the type of digital signature required.

Download the required Class 3 application form. Each form has the relevant FAQs on procedure and pricing/payment.