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DSC for online application for e-Tenders, e-procurement - EASY and at Upto 49% OFF

Now, most companies (especially Govt. organisations/departments, PSUs, and even private companies) floating tenders mandate submission of response online through digital certificates. Tenders might require class 2 / class 3 Organisation DSCs. (You may ascertain the exact type of DSC required from the concerned company department floating the e-tender.)

Class 3B Organisation DSC

We issue following types of Safescrypt (Sify) class 3 Org. digital signatures

  1. Signing and Encryption OR
  2. Signing Only

More information about such as the form, documentation, charges can be obtained in the form below. The form is the same - for signing only or signing & encryption is the same (but the price varies). Download this form from the link below:


Class 2B Organisation DSC

For some e-tenders, class 2B Organization is required. We also issue Safescrypt (Sify) class 2 org. digital signatures which can be used for online application for tenders. it's simple and quick.

More details about charges, documentation are available inc the form. The form is the same - for signing only and for signing and encryption. Download the same from the link below:


Other type of e-tendering DSC

In some cases, other type of digital signature may be prescribed by the e-tendering authority. Please contact us with your specific requirement in that case.