Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Digital Signature

We know that you may be having some queries. Thus to serve you better, we have prepared the following detailed FAQs. Most of your queries will be answered here very quickly.

Most Common FAQs

Yes, indeed. We at Digital Signature Gallery® can issue you your digital signature online. You can check the home page of our website or the menus and order any digital signature online. You only have to submit soft copies of the requisite documents and also make the payment online.

No, not at all! You need not visit our office at any point of time. You can order online and make the payment online. You also need not come to our office to collect the digital signature. You can either send someone else or we can also deliver the digital signature USB token to your address.

No, you do not have to submit any documents physically. You only have to provide us with soft-copies not hard-copies.

We at Digital Signature Gallery® give you the option of choosing between 2 year validity or 3 year validity.

FAQs on Basic Concepts

A digital signature is a very simple, secure, convenient, and a time-saving way of signing electronic documents or authenticating certain online transactions. Technically, it is a code, unique to the person who is signing the electronic document or authenticating the transaction.

No, a digital signature is unique and thus two or more individuals/entities cannot have the same digital signature.

Yes indeed, all digital signatures issued by Digital Signature Gallery® are legally valid as per Information Technology Act, 2000.

FAQs on USB Token

A USB Token is special cryptographic USB device in which the digital signature is stored.

No, a digital signature cannot be used with a normal pen-drive / USB stick which we use for storing files. As mandated by the Govt. of India, a special cryptographic USB device (called as USB token) is mandatory for using a digital signature.

We provide FIPS 140-2 level 2/3 validated cryptographic token (as mandated by Govt. of India rules) such as e-Pass 2003 / Hyp 2003.

Other FAQs

We make it very easy for you to order your digital signature for e-tendering / e-bidding / e-procurement.  Please visit our dedicated page to order e-tendering digital signature online.

You can get your digital signature for use on Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) website. Please visit our dedicated page to order DGFT digital signature online.

We request you to check the easy procedure on our dedicated page to order NRI digital signature online.

We understand that foreigners might also need digital signatures for various reasons. Please check the easy procedure on our dedicated page to order digital signature for foreigner online.