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Digital Signatures for Foreign Individuals/ Foreign Organisations / NRIs/Indian Individuals not currently in India

Are you an Individual outside India? Or are you from a foreign organisation? Or are you and Indian individual presently outside India? And do you need a digital signature for Indian compliance purposes (e.g. for income tax or for Ministry of Corporate Affairs/Registrar of Companies or Provident Fund or other purposes? ) Or do you want to participate in an Indian e-tender and need the digital signature for e-tendering? Or for any other purpose?

Worry not!! We make easy for you to get your digital signature even of you/your organisation is from outside India!! Here's how we make it easy for you:

✔ Requirement of just some basic documentation
✔ Receipt of pament by Wire Transfer in various foreign currencies, if you do not have an Indian bank account
✔ Delivery of digital signature token by DHL or other reputed international provider

Please click on the appropriate link below to download the brochure pertaining to the type of digital signature you need:

The respective brochure contains the entire details about the form, docmentation, pricing, and procedure.

For further details, please email us at:
Email for Digital Signature

Bank Details for Payment in Foreign Currency

payment from outside India

You will usually be able to pay in different currencies like USD, EUR, JPY, SGD, AUD, GBP, etc. You might also need some further details for making a wire transfer. Kindly note that banks (both Indian and foreign) levy charges on a per transaction basis and thus it is beneficial to make payment of the entire amount in one transaction.

Kindly contact first us to ascertain the the exact amount to be transferred. You may e-mail us at:
Email id for digital signature for foreigners
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