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How to Reactivate Your Deactivated IEC (Import Export Code) on DGFT website

IEC Status Deactivated

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in the past few months has mandated that all merchants whose IEC have not been updated on the DGFT portal by a specific deadline, will be deactivated.

This deadline was initially July 2021 and then extended to August 2021.

Thus, now if an IEC has not been updated, its status will show as “Deactivated” (as can be seen in the screenshot) and it cannot be used for any import-export related purpose.

However, it can be reactivated online easily. Please read further.

Reactivating Your IEC using DGFT Digital Signature

You can reactivate your IEC using a digital signature for DGFT purposes, which can be obtained online.

Once you obtain your DGFT digital signature, you need to login to DGFT portal using the digital signature and your reactivate your IEC. Your IEC status will then show as “Valid“.

IEC Status Valid after Reactivation

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