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Payment Options

We offer multiple payment options. You can pay by any of the following methods most suitable to you:
i) By Net-Banking/NEFT:
This is a fast process and is recommended if you want the DSC quickly. You can transfer the requisite amount via net-banking to our bank account below:


ii) By IMPS (Interbank Mobile Payment Service) [Instant transfer 24X7]:
This is the fastest method of money transfer in which the amount can be transferred almost instantly 24x7 on all days including bank holidays. Our IMPS details which you will need to make the payment are as follows:


a) To use this method, you need to have enabled IMPS for your bank account. You will need to contact your bank to enable IMPS.
b) The transaction limit for IMPS is Rs. 50,000/- Thus in case of franchisees who need to transfer a higher amount, please use other payment methods.

iii) By Cheque/PO/DD:
Draw a cheque/Pay Order/Demand Draft/Banker's Cheque (payable at Mumbai) in the name of name
and send the same via courier/speed post to:

Note: If cheque/PO/DD is not payable at Mumbai and/or if our bank levies extra charges for encashing it, we regret that we will be unable to process your request until realisation of the complete payment.

iv) By Direct deposit of Cheque/PO/DD:
For faster payment, instead of couriering the cheque/PO/DD you can directly deposit it in any ICICI Bank over the counter or you can drop it in any ICICI ATM drop box. Please mention our 12-digit current account number - 623505385587 on the pay-in slip and behind the cheque/PO/DD.

v) By Cash:
You can pay by cash at our office. However we do not support cash deposit in bank.


Presently, we do not support payments by debit/credit card, but may do so in future.

Payment from Outside India

If you are from outside India, you can make a wire transfer by paying in a foreign currency (i.e. other than INR). In that case, you will need the following details:

payment from outside India

You will usually be able to pay by different currencies like USD, EUR, JPY, SGD, AUD, GBP, etc. You might also need some further details for making a wire transfer. Kindly note that banks (both Indian and foreign) levy charges on a per transaction basis and thus it is beneficial to make payment of the entire amount in one transaction.

Please first contact us to ascertain the the exact amount to be transferred.
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