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Terms and Conditions

Thanks for reaching Digital Signature Gallery. Kindly peruse the terms and conditions below. By using our services and/or this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Though we attempt to keep the information on our website as correct and as up-to-date as possible, we do not hold any liability arising out of a decision taken by you based on the content of this website.
  2. Digital Signature Gallery will not own any liability arising out of delay in providing signature/USB token or out of any inability to discharge our services on account of our fault - except to the extent of the amount paid by you. This means that in case of delay or in any event of dissatisfaction caused to you because of our fault, your maximum claim can be that of refund of the amount paid by you.
  3. Digital Signature Gallery does not hold any liability if it is unable to discharge its responsibilities on account of circumstances reasonably beyond its control.
  4. You agree to provide accurate and correct information in the application form for DSC.
  5. You also agree to provide copies of only your genuine and currently applicable ID and Address proofs.
  6. You agree that in case Digital Signature Gallery or either the certifying authority finds that details provided by you either in the application form or in the ID proof copy or in the Address proof copy or in any other relevant place are inaccurate, your digital signature if provided may be revoked without notice.
  7. You agree that it is purely your responsibility to ascertain whether the digital signature you order from us meets your requirement or not. Though we provide tips such as to which dsc is used for which purposes (i.e. for Income tax/MCA/RoC/Trademark efiling/eTendering etc.), that information is strictly for guidance only. We can only give an assurance as to the class of digital signature i.e. Class 2a, 3a, 3b. We cannot give any assurance as to whether it will be useful for your particular requirements or not. Thus, please ascertain the prerequisites of the digital signature you need before you order from us. Further, we cannot give any assurance whether one digital signature can meet your multiple requirements.
  8. If you are ordering a digital signature on behalf of some other person(as can be the case for CA/CS/lawyer/company registration consultant/LLP formation consultant/Income Tax professional or possibly for other people also), you agree that you have the requisite authority and permission to order a digital signature on behalf of such other person. Also, kindly note that it is purely your responsibility to ensure that the digital signature given to you is handed to and used on behalf of only the lawful owner of the digital signature. You agree that if the digital signature is misused, you could be held primarily liable. You further agree to indemnify Digital Signature Gallery for any misuse of the digital signature you hold on behalf of the other person.
  9. You agree that you will use the digital signature and the token only in a lawfully accepted manner.
  10. You agree to absolve Digital Signature Gallery of any consequences arising out of your use/abuse/misuse of the digital signature and/or the token in any manner whatsoever.
  11. You also agree to be bound by our privacy policy.
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