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DSC based on Permanent Account Number (PAN)

With effect from 1st August, 2010, the Income Tax Department has made it mandatory for digital signatures to be PAN - based. This means that for efiling of returns on Income Tax site, your digital signature certificate must be encrypted with the value of your PAN (Permanent Account Number). Without this, you will not be able to file your returns online on the Income Tax website. Thus if you are having a digital signature issued earlier but it was not PAN-based, then it will note be accepted for e-filing.

Worried? Relax. We provide PAN-encrypted digital signature certificates (DSC) to enable you to file your I-T returns. And the procedure is very simple.

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Disclaimer: Above information provided only for general guidance purpose. Please refer the Income Tax website for the latest and most accurate details. Though we make every attempt to provide the most up-to-date and correct information, we will not be held liable if any information is incomplete/incorrect.

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