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DSC for online application for e-Tenders, e-procurement - EASY and at Upto 49% OFF

Now, most companies (especially Govt. organisations/departments, PSUs, and even private companies) floating tenders mandate submission of response online through digital certificates. Tenders might require class 2 / class 3 Organisation DSCs. (You may ascertain the exact type of DSC required from the concerned company department floating the e-tender.)

Class 3B Organisation DSC

We issue following types of Safescrypt (Sify) class 3 Org. digital signatures

  1. Signing and Encryption (Combo) OR
  2. Signing Only

Class 3 E-tendering DSC Price with USB Token
Validity Period Signing only Price
(Inclusive of Taxes)
Signing + Encryption Price
(Inclusive of Taxes)
2 year Rs. 3,995/-
MRP Rs. 7,128/-
Rs. 4,995/-
MRP Rs. 9,863/-

For Urgent Procesing - Rs. 970/ (INR Nine Hindred Seventy Only) extra

More information about such as the form, documentation, charges can be obtained in the form below. The form is the same - for signing only or signing & encryption is the same (but the price varies). Download this form from the link below:


Class 2B Organisation DSC

For some e-tenders, class 2B Organization is required. We also issue Safescrypt (Sify) class 2 org. digital signatures which can be used for online application for tenders. it's simple and quick.

Class 2 E-tendering DSC Price with USB Token
Validity period Signing + Encryption
(Inclusive of Taxes)
2 years Rs. 2,700/-
MRP Rs. 4,628/-

More details about charges, documentation are available inc the form. The form is the same - for signing only and for signing and encryption. Download the same from the link below:


Other type of e-tendering DSC

In some cases, other type of digital signature may be prescribed by the e-tendering authority. Please contact us with your specific requirement in that case.

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